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Sarasaparilla Powder

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Product Description:

Nannaari Powder, also called as Sarsaparilla is a natural healer and blood purifier. Generally it is used as a flavouring ingredient in beverages. It is a natural coolant that decreases swelling and inflammations. Ayurvedic medicinal practitioners mainly recommend the usage of Nannaari Powder for the treatment of urinary tract infections

🔸Main benefits of Nannari Powder:

1. Ayurvedically speaking, Sarsaparilla is a pitta pacifier, a herb that purifies blood and treats inflammations

2. It is classed as a diuretic and diaphoretic herb, that promotes the excretion of toxins via the urine or sweating

3. The herb helps in fluid retention, puffiness, swelling and bloating

4. Supports the functioning of kidney in a healthy manner

5. Helps in maintaining hormonal balance, that is, maintains proper levels of testosterone and progesterone

6. It increases blood flow and boost sperm motility

7. Works on improving skin concerns such as eczema, rashes, psoriasis, acne, fungus, pruritus and wounds

8. It contains the largest concentration of iron of any plant and has been known to help boost iron levels in people with anemia

🔸Different ways to use Nannaari Powder:

(a) To heal heat boils on skin during summers:

Mix equal parts of Maduras Herbals - Nannaari Powder and Vettiver Powder with fresh Aloevera Gel. Apply the paste as a pack all over your face and body. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash off

(b) Make your own bath powder:

In a bowl, combine equal parts of Maduras Herbals - Nannaari Powder, Aavarampoo Powder, Rose Petals Powder, Orange Peel Powder and Green Gram Flour. Store in an airtight container. Everyday instead of using soaps or body washes, use this as face and body cleanser by just mixing with water or curd. This bath powder is safe to use for kids as well

(c) Refreshing summer drink:

In a glass of water, add in a teaspoon of Maduras Herbals - Nannaari Powder, Lemon Juice (to taste). Mix well. Drink immediately.

Categories:  Edible, Skin-care, Hair-care, Therapeutic.

Packing and Storage: Store in air tight container or reseal properly after every use. Herbal powders are susceptible to microbial activity. So proper storage is recommended. It is natural for herbal powders to change colour in course of time without losing their characteristics.

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