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Patchouli Fragrance

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Patchouli, a herb from the mint family, is well-known for its distinctive, earthy fragrance. Extracted from the leaves of the Patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin), its essential oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Experience the alluring and earthy scent of our Patchouli Fragrance. Made from pure patchouli oil, this unique fragrance offers a grounding and soothing aroma that will elevate your senses. Perfect for those seeking a natural and long-lasting fragrance


  • Signature Scent in Perfumery:

Patchouli oil has a strong, earthy and musky scent, making it a popular base note in perfumes. It is often used in oriental and woody fragrance profiles and can provide depth and complexity to a fragrance blend.

  • Skin Health Benefits:

Patchouli oil is believed to be beneficial for skin health. It's often found in skincare products for its potential to soothe dry skin, alleviate irritation, and promote a more even skin tone.

  • Anti-Aging Properties:

Patchouli oil has been used in anti-aging products. Its compounds are thought to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, which can help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

The oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for use in products targeting skin conditions like eczema, acne, or dermatitis.

  • Aromatherapy and Relaxation:

Patchouli's distinctive scent is known for its grounding and mood-stabilizing effects, making it a popular choice in aromatherapy. Its inclusion in cosmetics can provide a calming and relaxing experience.

  • Hair Care Applications:

In hair care, Patchouli oil is sometimes included in shampoos and conditioners, particularly those formulated for oily hair and scalp conditions, as it can help in balancing oil production.

  • Natural Deodorizing Properties:

The strong scent of Patchouli makes it effective as a natural deodorant. It is used in natural deodorant formulations to neutralize body odors.

  • Insect Repellent:

Patchouli oil is a natural insect repellent. Its incorporation in lotions and body sprays can provide the added benefit of keeping insects at bay.

  • Anti-Fungal and Antiseptic:

The oil possesses antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, making it beneficial in treating minor skin infections and improving overall skin hygiene.

Versatile Applications:

    • Perfumes and Cologne: Patchouli is a popular ingredient in perfumery, and it is often used in both men's and women's fragrances. It can be a dominant note or part of a fragrance blend, adding depth and character.
    • Incense: Patchouli is commonly used in incense for its strong and lingering aroma. It is associated with meditation and spiritual practices in some cultures.
    • Candles: Patchouli-scented candles are popular for creating a warm and comforting ambiance. The fragrance is often blended with other complementary notes like vanilla or sandalwood.
    • Body Care Products: Patchouli fragrance is used in various body lotions, oils, and soaps. It adds a distinctive and exotic scent to these products.


Blend Possibilities: Patchouli blends well with a variety of other scents. It can be combined with floral notes, such as rose or lavender, as well as with spicy or citrusy notes for a well-rounded fragrance.


When formulating cosmetics with Patchouli fragrance, it's important to consider the concentration of the oil, as its strong scent can be overpowering. It should also be used cautiously on sensitive skin to prevent potential irritation. Patchouli's compatibility with other ingredients and fragrances should also be considered to create balanced and appealing products.


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