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Pomegranate Soap Base (Sulphates & Paraben Free)

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          Maduras Herbals manufactures a high-quality pomegranate melt and pour soap base that is perfect for creating handmade soaps. Pomegranate extract helps in cell regeneration and protects the skin from burning and tanning, suits for all types of skin. With your creativity and personal touch, you can make endless designs and customization with our low melting point soap base.

Ingredients : Pomegranate extract(5%); Cold-pressed castor oil(12%); Cold-pressed coconut oil (48%); Cocamidopropyl Betaine; Demineralised Water; Glycerine; Propylene Glycol; Sucrose; Sodium Hydroxide(Lye).

 Technical specification

 pH value : 6.5-7.5

TFM : 40-46%

Melting point : 75-80 degree celsius

 Benefits and purpose


Helps to revitalize and nourish your skin

Cell regeneration

To treat skin aging and the appearance of the wrinkles

Sun protection

To treat skin burning, pigmentation, and tanning

Removes dry cells

Exfoliates your skin, removes dry and dead cells.

Easy Customization

Can add variety of herbs, fragrance, and essential oils

 Used in: Loofah soap, handmade soaps, soap with embeds, soap scrub cubes.

 Shelf life: 18-24 months

 Exclusively formulated and Made in India. 

 SLS, SLES, and Paraben Free product. 

Additives Usage: Any additives like herbal powders , butters , clays must not exceed more than 0.5% by weight . If you are adding 2 additives the combined weight must not exceed 0.5%. for example u are melting 1 kg of soap base the maximum weight of additives to be added is 5 gms. PS: We suggest customer tries a small sample if they intend to add more than the recommended percentages.

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