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Pumpkin Powder (White or Yellow)

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Product Description:

Maduras Herbals spray dried Pumpkin Powder (White or Yellow PUMPKIN based on availability)made from ripe pumpkins that is grown in our farm. The ripen pumpkin is initially washed, then sliced, and finally dehydrated to make it into fine powder. Maduras Herbals Pumpkin Powder can be used as an alternative to wheat flour in baking as well

💕Here's how Maduras Herbals spray dried Pumpkin Powder benefits your health:

1. Pumpkin powder boosts immunity and protect against free radical damages due to the presence of Vitamin c

2. Pumpkin Powder is a good source of Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Folate, Potassium, etc

3. Helps in the lowering of cancer cells and the carotenoids in the Pumpkin Powder helps in reducing the risk of eye diseases

4. The presence of Omega-3 Fatty Acids helps in improving skin condition

5. Maduras Herbals Pumpkin Powder is a low-calorie, nutrient-dense food.

6. Pumpkin Powder helps in healthy weight management and prevent obesity

💕Different ways to use Maduras Herbals Pumpkin Powder:

(a) Add a teaspoon to your protein shakes and smoothies

(b) As a dietary supplement, 5g or about 1 tsp of Maduras Herbals Pumpkin Powder can be taken once a day as directed by your physician

(c) Use it in your soup mixes

(d) Can be added in baking mixes for breads, cakes, and cookies

(e) Can be added in skin care formulations

*NOTE: Consult your physician for diagnoses and accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements


*If you are allergic to the acids and essential oils in the fruit, please consult your physician. Always consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet like pumpkin powder

Storage information:
(a) Always store the Maduras Herbals fruits / vegetable powders in airtight container only in a dry, moisture-free space
(b) Use only clean and dry spatulas while taking the powder from the container
(c) Monthly once place it under direct sun light to prevent bugs / oxidation of the powder

Details about the product:

1. Product name: Pumpkin Powder
2. Botanical name: Punica Granatum
3. Industrial usage: Food, Pet Foods, Beverage, Soups and Stews, Skin & Cosmetics
4. Available in: Powder form
5. Made from: Ripe Pumpkin

Maduras Herbals Pumpkin Powder have so much to offer. Our ingredients are prepared with utmost cautious health and safety requirements at every stage of its procurement, manufacturing and distribution to our customers

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