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Saffron gel

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         This saffron gel is enriched with pure Kesar for a unique, luxurious skincare experience. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it will help nourish and protect your skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.


        Aqua, Aloevera extract, Kesar extract and juice, Carbomer 940. TEA, Iscaguard, Glycerine, saffron strands, FDA approved Colour Tartrazaine Yellow


  • Saffron gel can be used to reduce dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation due to its skin-lightening properties.
  • Saffron has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in managing acne. Saffron gel can be applied topically to affected areas.
  • Saffron gel may help in brightening the complexion and improving the skin's texture. It is used to achieve a radiant and glowing skin.


  • Skin Care Formulations: Gel, Cream, Body Lotion.
  • Hair Care Formulations: Hair Oil, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner.

Shelf life  * 1 year      

                 Shelf life should not be considered as an expiration date. It depends on storage and handling the product. Many organic supplements are usable beyond the stated date when stored carefully.

Caution: A Patch test is recommended before using on skin. 

Packing and Storage: Store in air tight container or reseal properly after every use. Herbal powders are susceptible to microbial activity. Proper storage is recommended. It is natural for herbal powders to change colour in course of time without losing their characteristics.

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