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Soy Bean Oil

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Soy Bean Oil is a versatile cooking oil made from pressed soybeans. It has a light taste and smell when compared to other vegetable oils, and has a high smoke point, making it an excellent choice for deep-frying. Soy Bean Oil is also naturally rich in Vitamin E, which can help protect cells from damage.


  1. Cooking Oil: Soybean oil is primarily used as a cooking oil for frying, sautéing, and as a general-purpose cooking medium. Its high smoke point makes it suitable for various cooking methods, including deep frying.

  2. Nutritional Profile: Soybean oil is a good source of polyunsaturated fats, particularly omega-6 fatty acids. It also contains some monounsaturated fats. It is low in saturated fat, making it a heart-healthy choice when used in moderation.

  3. Omega-6 Fatty Acids: Soybean oil is one of the primary sources of omega-6 fatty acids in the Western diet. While omega-6 fatty acids are essential for the body, an imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the diet has raised concerns, as excessive omega-6 consumption may contribute to inflammation. Thus, moderation is key.

  4. Versatile Cooking Oil: Soybean oil has a mild, neutral flavor that does not overpower the taste of the foods it is used to cook. This makes it suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.

  5. Industrial Uses: Soybean oil is not limited to the kitchen. It is also used in various non-food applications, such as in the production of biodiesel, as a base for printing inks and paints, and in the manufacturing of personal care products like soaps and cosmetics.

  6. Nutritional Supplements: Soybean oil is used as a carrier oil for certain vitamins and nutritional supplements.

  7. Concerns: While soybean oil is widely used, there has been some controversy regarding its health impact due to the high omega-6 content and its potential contribution to an imbalanced omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Moderation and a balanced diet are recommended.

  8. Allergies: Some individuals may have soy allergies and need to avoid soybean oil and other soy-derived products.


*Patch test or Sample purchase is recommended to see suitability
*Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplements
*The color and texture of the product varies accordingly for each and every batch
*We do not claim any of our products to prevent or cure any type of diseases. Its the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the corrective usage of each product. Above information is only a guideline and not intended to treat.
*Cosmetic grade is intended only for Cosmetics
*Maduras Herbals will not be liable under any circumstances.

*Storage information:
(a) Always store the Maduras Herbals fruits powders, dried herbs in airtight container only in a dry, moisture-free space. Store our cold pressed oils in a cool and dark location in order to avoid turning rancid
(b) Use only clean and dry spatulas while taking the powder from the container
(c) Monthly once place it under direct sun light to prevent bugs / oxidation of the powder / preventing rancid

Maduras Herbals premium SoyBean Oil have so much to offer. Our brand is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor for premium grade, pure ingredients such as dried flowers, fruit powders, roots, herbs, cold pressed oils, essential oils, soap bases, etc. Maduras Herbals is a brand for consumers and suppliers as well. We supply our authentic herbal ingredients in premium quality to food and cosmetic industries. Our ethically sourced ingredients are prepared with utmost cautious health and safety requirements at every stage of its procurement, manufacturing and distribution to our customers.

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