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Vilvam / Bael Fruit Powder

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Product Description:

         Bael is the best fruit for all digestive problems that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Its magical juice may control gastric ulcers caused due to the imbalance of mucosa and levels of oxidative stress in the gastric tract.


>Good for digestion 

>Help in diabetes management

>Prevent skin infections 

>Reduces Cholestrol

>Immunity booster

How to Use
  1. Take ½-1 tablespoon of the Maduras Herbals Bael Fruit Powder with warm water twice daily (or as directed by your physician).
  2. It can also be blended in a drink/smoothie or sprinkled over salads.
  3. The maximum shelf life of the product is 36 months. Use within the stipulated period.

Caution: Patch test is recommended before usage on skin or intake. In case of allergies kindly contact your dermatologist or your physician.

Packing and Storage: Store in airtight container or reseal properly after every use. Herbal powders are susceptible to microbial activity. Proper storage is recommended. It is natural for herbal powders to change color without losing their characteristics. Best before One year from packaging date.

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