About Us

At Madura’s herbals, we believe in taking a step ahead and bringing back food and skincare products with a touch of heritage, excellence, and quality. Our Organic and Sustainable products help to experience the purest quality of daily use products back in our grandparents’ time.

From your everyday kitchen spices to beauty regimes - our products promises you the transparency of completely natural ingredients in them. Our products are freshly sourced from our farms and specially packed to reach you all safe at your doors. Recent times have been witnessing the arrival of many products named natural in our supermarkets and stores. At Maduras, we assure you that our products are zero percentage chemically treated, adding trust to the word “Completely Natural”.

What our mind and body feeds on determines our survival. From Fast working beauty products to fast foods, our daily lives have become so contaminated without our realization. Our plates are laden with food full of taste enhancers and processed preservative agents.

The Faces behind Maduras Herbals!

Keerthana Varoon, Varoon Nagendra, and S.Muralidharan are the creative minds behind Madura’s Herbals.

Keerthana and Varoon, as a couple they believe keenly on living an adulteration-free all-natural life. Once their little charm Hanvika was born, their search for natural bath powders and nutrient supplements began in full swing since they wanted their daughter’s life to be toxic-free.

That’s when they found out the adulteration that comes in even basic products like orange peel, nutmeg, ashwagandha, and rose petals powders. Their search for personal use led them to get more motivated to spread the same quality and quantity to all people. That’s how Madura’s herbals came into existence.

Keerthana Varoon – Comes from a simple and serene village Tirukovilur, Keerthana has completed her graduation -B.Sc., in Information Technology at PSG Tech, Coimbatore, and her post graduation -Masters in Business Administration at Sairam College, Chennai. Coming from a business background family, Keerthana’s piqued interest in being a Business woman helped her carve Madura’s herbals.

Varoon Nagedra - Graduate from Swinburne University, Melbourne (Australia) has completed his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. His profound Engineering profile has made him very successful in an Aerospace company. Varoon is determined in living a healthy-green life and also passionate about home gardening to eat nutritious food. His home garden with plenty of vegetables and fruits is proof of how he loves it all! Their common interest has made him to be a supportive husband and help Keerthana in managing the enterprise.

Murali Shridharan - A Strong Business Man in the line of hardware and paints for almost 25 years, Keerthana’s father has been one of the prominent pillar in supporting his daughter’s dream come true. He is an avid follower of the natural way of living which is what made him encourage Maduras. He strongly believes that the roots of agriculture help to shape the country and make its people healthy and disease free. He mainly emphasizes on adulteration-free products.

Madura’s Herbals is a collaborative effort of a family to encourage health and happiness to each and every client who are considered a family in Maduras Herbals.

Reason to Carve Maduras Herbals!

Our passion to make our life healthy and all-natural - led us to begin this venture. To bring Simplicity, and purity - to your daily lives this is also our Mantra.

With our never-ending run for jobs and constant lifestyle changes, our focus on personal self gets lost. We realize the gravity of having a good food and lifestyle routine only when it becomes too late. It has become important that we focus on what we eat, and what we use in our lifestyle.

Sustainability starts at a very basic level - It starts right from what we consume to what we campaign for. With Food coming in packets packed in colors to skincare products coming in shaped plastic containers - things need to be carefully picked to keep ourselves away from toxic agents.

That’s when we decided to start Madura’s herbals. We wanted to bring health and happiness into our lives in a simple manner. We source our chemical-free herbs and products from natural plant-based sources that do not harm us or nature. We use electric vehicles to keep pollution away and are also planning to implement solar technology in our farms. Balancing sustainability and sourcing is an important part of our venture.

We curate our recipes just like our grandparents did. We really want people, today to experience and enjoy the food and lifestyle of our previous generations - with our thoroughly checked and tested quality herbal products.

Production and Base

Our home-based recipes are specially curated and tested at Madura’s Factory, located in, Salem. Our raw materials are ethically sourced from Hanvika Farms, near a small and serene village named Tirukovilur, and from our another factory Rajaganapathy Agro Foods, Mysore.

Our Employees are all well-trained self-made women and men who work to feed their families and try to live a chemical-free livelihood. Women of all ages come together and share their knowledge on how sourcing local products alone has made their lives eco-friendly and chemical-free. They know nothing about cosmetics, but all about how orange peel powders and neem leaf scrubs can help their sweat and smell away.

Our employees are treated with extreme respect and care, as we know we are nothing without them. Their wages are made fair enough for them to keep their personal life hassle-free.

They are the anchor with which we run the enterprise.